Life is an omnipresent, directional force acting both on and within all biological elements, from organelle to organism.  The vast majority of these elements are not self-aware, but instead are fluidly operating as and within larger systems, reacting with substantial action potentials (instinct).

In the brain, nanoscale agents instigate the tiniest of actions which, if resonant, echo upward through countless wave and energy scales and many orders of being to eventually bubble forth as some motive or cognitive effect.  At points of indecision or maximum variability, any degree of push or predilection shifts the tide and becomes choice.  One must be aware to have a choice and one must be self-aware to have a conscious choice.  We must intend to choose before we do choose and so choices are markers of intention. As reason presides over instinct, intent often seems an expression of higher order influence.

Clearly, living beings are a natural product of the Universe. Life is perhaps the most successful integration of matter and energy, in fact, surviving through continual adaption (at all levels) to overcome all environmental challenges and hurdles oppressed upon it. This adaptive process, commonly known as evolution, has led many to believe that the biological solutions to complex problems are simply a product of random chance and physics.  The ultimate question in determining a life process is whether the perceived activity is the effect of chance or choice – determinism or free will.  At some point, the lines between these blur.  One such blurry line exists at the nanoscopic scale, where diametrical interference patterns within the human brain combine to collectively evoke the emergence of consciousness.

Countless spinning atoms comprise every object we perceive, so the term “living” should logically be applied to all matter. Everything is constantly changing and reforming within time and space.  It is understanding and modeling this that forms the basis of all science. When mapped against the spiked insights reported from the polymath of history, we find that there is much to be learned about evolution, at all levels of biology, as choice trumps chance at every turn.

The removal of spirituality from science has, in my opinion, led to a series of isolated and incremental results in scientific discovery, providing ever-deeper insight into ever-smaller pieces. Insights are patterns and when recognized, at any level, these illuminate our understanding of the whole.

Life is an invisible current that runs through all things.  We are not in the river, we ARE the river.  We are water, in water.  Our experience within it isn’t one of wetness, it’s of invisible forces churning and frothing around us, as we all flow downstream.  Waters splash and carry off into every direction, but ultimately all directions are one – it’s all downstream.  Nobody beats the big G.

So, from one part of the river to another – may the Force be with you.  Or, rather, may you be with the Force.